Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bear Bait Meets Garden Ridge

Sunday was Bear Bait's return to the streets of San Antonio.

When I returned home from Phoenix on Sunday, We (Rick, Jeff and I) decided to meet up for a quick trip. Before meeting up, I took Bear Bait to meet my dad. My dad fell in love with him. He sat on the bike and I could see his eyes sparkle, reminiscing to his good ol' days of riding his Honda. I remember dad taking me to school on his motorcycle. He even showed up to school one day dressed as Santa Claus to surprise my sister and I.

After leaving my dad's house, I met up with the guys at a parking lot in downtown San Antonio. We headed North on I35. We exited New Caverns Rd to Garden Ridge. We rode to the cavern entrance. We continued on New Caverns Rd until we found a dead end road where Rick decided to take Bear Bait for a quick trip. He really enjoyed it. The power behind a 1584cc is a big jump from a 250cc. Jeff dared not try the Beast!

We stopped at Bill Miller for dinner before returning home.

On Monday, 09-28-09, Bear Bait made an appearance with David and Rori. David, a bike enthusiast, loved him. We talked bike talk for a bit before heading over to Bible Study.

Where will Bear Bait go next???? Stay Tuned!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

One Week

Today is Bear Bait's one week anniversary with me. Unfortunately, he is at home while I am vacationing in Phoenix, AZ. The Adventures continue tomorrow when I return home.

Stay tuned!!! Where will the next adventure lead us!?!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Goodbye Cain

Today was a sad day for both Bear Bait and I. We said our farewell to Cain.

Cain came in to my life a month and a half ago. He was my very first motorcycle. Cain is a 2008 Honda Rebel 250cc. He did me well for the month and a half that I owned him. He taught me how to handle a motorcycle. Gave me some great memories. I know that he is going to make someone else very happy.

Cain took his departure like a champ. He never looked back. He knew that he was leaving me in good hands, or handlebars that is.

Bear Bait will sleep solo tonight.

The adventures of Bear Bait will continue on Sunday, September 27, 2009.

Nixon, TX.....Well, almost

It rained cows and horses on Tuesday, but the evening turned out to be a great one for a bike ride to Nixon, TX!!!

We (Rick, Jeff, and I) met at Rick's house. Bear Bait was excited to get back on the road. Jeff showed up on his Ninja 250cc and Rick on his Honda Rebel. After gassing up, we hit the road for Nixon, TX.

We took IH10 E, to I35 S, to IH10/HWY 90 E, to 410 S, to Hwy 87 E. Follow me???

Knowing that it had rained all day, we knew that the weather would be a tad chilly. As we drove, it was confirmed that it was COLD!!! Riding at 65 mph in 65 degree weather having had rained the whole day proved to be quite an experience for all three of us. Bear Bait feared no cold weather. He did swell in keep my legs warm.

We drove past La Vernia and into Sutherland Springs. We passed Sutherland Springs with icicles hanging off our helmets and arm coffee on our minds. We pulled off into a gas station as we rode in to Stockdale. There, all 3 of use decided that we'd had enough of the cold for one night and must head back before it got darker and the weather dropped even more. We stopped at a small Mexican restaurant in La Vernia for a cup of coffee and some menudo.

After warming up a bit, we hit the road back to San Antonio. We said our goodbyes at the IH10/I35 interchange. Bear Bait brought me home safely.

After letting him cool off a bit from the ride, I tucked him away for the night. He stayed the long cold night alongside his little brother, Cain (my very first motorcycle - 2008 Honda Rebel 250cc).

Mission Trail

Monday rolled around and it was time to get Bear bait back on the road. After a long day of work, I called Rick up and we decided to meet downtown by the Alamo. Jeff joined us on this trip.

Monday night seemed like a good night to get in a short, but nice ride. We decided to brave the almighty Mission Trail! OK, so it's just a road that connects all 5 of the Missions in San Antonio, but a nice winding road with the San Antonio River flowing nearby.

It was Jeff's first night out on the road with his new bike. So we took it easy.

We followed the trail from the Alamo to San Juan Capistrano. We dared not go further. Those haunted tracks linger to close to Mission Espada.

It was getting late and time for us to head back. We said our goodbyes right off Military drive. I drove BB back to the house and tucked him away for the night, as the next day would pose a fun day for the big guy!

South Padre Island, TX


We woke up early in the morning after a night hanging out with Terry, watching "Trapped" and drinking some cold beverages.

We decided that since it was my last day in Harlingen, we'd take the motorcycles for a spin to South Padre Island, TX.

We took the bikes out and met at Judy B's for breakfast. Then we jumped on the highway for the long 43 miles ride to The Island. I crossed the 2-mile long Queen Isabella Causeway to get onto the island. I crossed it like a champ! No fears going over the bridge. We arrived on South Padre Island and stopped at the welcome sign to take a couple of pictures.

Then we rode on to the island, crossing it from one end to the other. After spending some time there, we decided it was time to head back to the mainland. We stopped at Whataburger for a bit to eat before heading back.

Once back in Harlingen, I washed BB and got him ready to take to the H-D dealer to have him mounted onto the truck bed of my truck and ready for the long haul back to San Antonio, TX.

The guys at the dealership loaded BB onto my truck and strapped him down. It as the coolest thing to see my new motorcycle in the back of my truck. Finally, we were ready to head back home.

We went back to Richard's house to pick up the last of my things, said our farewells, and started on our journey back to SA.

BB and I arrived in SA to a much needed ride. My uncle helped me bring him down as the dealership was closed. Once off of my truck, I geared up and headed for Rick's house. We took a ride to the Pig Stand to have a bite to eat.

Then, it was time to retire for the night.

Bear Bait was tried from the long journey and needed some rest. And so did I!

"Welcome to the Family"

On Saturday, September 19, 2009, Bear Bait came in to my life. I went down to Harlingen, TX, to visit Richard for the weekend. We went out for breakfast Saturday morning. On our way back to Harlingen, Richard suggested that we stop at Harley-Davidson Roadrunner to "look around". While we were there, I was checking out the late model Harleys they had in stock. In speaking to David (Sales Rep), I mentioned that I had a bike (2008 Honda Rebel 250cc) but that eventually would like to upgrade. After some talking, and lots of persuasion, he convinced me to let him draw up some numbers using a "First Time Buyers" option. My credit passed and my payment were right where I would have liked them to be. After sitting on "Bear Bait" just one more time, I decided to sing the dotted line and inherit a new debt in my life. The sign behind David read, "No Motorcycle Remorse". As of today, none whatsoever!

Within an hour and a half, we had paperwork signed and my motorcycle was being prepped.

While the was being readied, Richard and I left to get me some pants and boots, as I hadn't planned to ride a motorcycle while on my weekend getaway. Then we headed back to H-D to pick up my motorcycle.

He was ready by the time I got there. After a couple of rounds in the back parking lot, I was ready to hit the road with my new HOG.

I headed back towards Richard's house. Not knowing the full power of my new Harley-Davidson FXDB 1584cc Street Bob, I gunned the throttle a little too fast while getting on the highway. It almost left me standing on the entrance ramp without a motorcycle. Luckily, it didn't.

That afternoon we took a short 10 miles trip to the town of Rio Hondo, TX. Richard on his 2008 Honda Goldwing GL1800 and me on BB. As we rode into the city, the dark clouds were beginning to form. While we sat in the Valero's parking lot, receiving weather alerts by the dozens on our phones, we contemplated heading back or sitting and having a bite to eat. The slowly approaching rain decided for us. We parked our motorcycles under the covered gas pumps and went inside for a bite to eat. The rain was not letting up and the clouds got darker, lightening, brighter and thunder, louder. After finishing up our tacos, we decided that it was best to brave the rain, suck up my fears of driving in the rain, and hit the road back to Harlingen. Those 10 miles of driving in pouring rain, on a brand spanking new Harley, with a half-helmet, no windshield, sporting new pants, long sleeve shirt, Harley-Davidson T-shirt, and new boots, going 30 mph, was one of my life's most memorable experiences.

Needless to say, we arrived home soaking wet. I took a warm shower and looked forward to Sunday when we'd be able to ride our motorcycles again.