Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mission Trail

Monday rolled around and it was time to get Bear bait back on the road. After a long day of work, I called Rick up and we decided to meet downtown by the Alamo. Jeff joined us on this trip.

Monday night seemed like a good night to get in a short, but nice ride. We decided to brave the almighty Mission Trail! OK, so it's just a road that connects all 5 of the Missions in San Antonio, but a nice winding road with the San Antonio River flowing nearby.

It was Jeff's first night out on the road with his new bike. So we took it easy.

We followed the trail from the Alamo to San Juan Capistrano. We dared not go further. Those haunted tracks linger to close to Mission Espada.

It was getting late and time for us to head back. We said our goodbyes right off Military drive. I drove BB back to the house and tucked him away for the night, as the next day would pose a fun day for the big guy!

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