Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nixon, TX.....Well, almost

It rained cows and horses on Tuesday, but the evening turned out to be a great one for a bike ride to Nixon, TX!!!

We (Rick, Jeff, and I) met at Rick's house. Bear Bait was excited to get back on the road. Jeff showed up on his Ninja 250cc and Rick on his Honda Rebel. After gassing up, we hit the road for Nixon, TX.

We took IH10 E, to I35 S, to IH10/HWY 90 E, to 410 S, to Hwy 87 E. Follow me???

Knowing that it had rained all day, we knew that the weather would be a tad chilly. As we drove, it was confirmed that it was COLD!!! Riding at 65 mph in 65 degree weather having had rained the whole day proved to be quite an experience for all three of us. Bear Bait feared no cold weather. He did swell in keep my legs warm.

We drove past La Vernia and into Sutherland Springs. We passed Sutherland Springs with icicles hanging off our helmets and arm coffee on our minds. We pulled off into a gas station as we rode in to Stockdale. There, all 3 of use decided that we'd had enough of the cold for one night and must head back before it got darker and the weather dropped even more. We stopped at a small Mexican restaurant in La Vernia for a cup of coffee and some menudo.

After warming up a bit, we hit the road back to San Antonio. We said our goodbyes at the IH10/I35 interchange. Bear Bait brought me home safely.

After letting him cool off a bit from the ride, I tucked him away for the night. He stayed the long cold night alongside his little brother, Cain (my very first motorcycle - 2008 Honda Rebel 250cc).

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  1. Hey, Beto. It's Richard. I would have loved to go with ya'll on that extravaganza. I am sure ya'll had fun. I look forward to our next ride. Leaky? Foliage change?